Foto Panoramica 360° - © Pietro Madaschi -

360° Images: Applications, Benefits, Technique

360° Panoramic Photographs and Virtual Tours are a powerful means of communication.

They are a new form of artistic expression: it’s a cross between photography and film with the addition of being interactive. Unlike the passive viewing of photos and film, 360° Images in fact, allow the observer to move his view in order to grasp the entire environment within the photograph.


Thanks to their characteristics and interactive quality, 360° Images are the ideal way to present goods and services of many different fields.

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360° Photographs and high quality Virtual Tours can ideally be placed in communication projects and/or Internet promotions.

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How are 360° Images created? How are they placed within a website? If you are curious about the technical aspects you can read some brief introductory notes in 360° TECHNIQUE

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