Milan in 360°: Great Museums, art, history, culture

The Milan Museums, both public and private, contain a large variety of stunning pieces, with great artistic and historical importance. These masterpieces are displayed in iconic, beautiful locations, mostly very close to the City Center.

Some Milanese Museums can be found in the city center, while others are scattered elsewhere, in a wonderful urban carnival that masters the art of mixing modernity and history. They’re so many that it’s almost impossible to list them all. Starting from the city center, please find below a selection of the museums we chose to shoot with 360° Photographs:

Many of the 360° Images shot in the Milanese Museums and in other important locations of the City can be found in the website  Turismo Milano especially in the section MILANO 360°

IMPORTANT: We thank the Milan Municipality, our official partner for many of such 360°Images, and each Museum for the priceless support and kindness. They often granted us to shoot exclusive locations. We hope that these 360° Photographs will show you the beauty of such masterpieces and allow you to appreciate them in detail!

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The “Museo del ‘900” – 20th Century Museum

This Museum faces the stunning Piazza del Duomo offering a breath-taking view to its visitors. Located in the Arengario Palace, the Museo del ‘900is a treasure trove full of hundreds of paintings and sculptures created throughout the Twentieth Century. There you’ll be able to find masterpieces painted and sculpted by the most famous Italian artists: Boccioni, Modigliani, De Chirico, Fontana, Pelizza da Volpedo, Sironi, Marino Marini … Even international artists are well represented: you can admire paintings by Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse, Mondrian …

DSC03989 Mi Museo900 L2 900ItalianoFontana RX8j TT

Lucio Fontana and other Italian artists of 20th Century

DSC03953 MI Museo900 L2SironiMartini RX8j TT

The art style of Italian Modernism: Arturo Martini and Mario Sironi

DSC04066 MI Museo900 L2MMarini RX8j TT

The section dedicated to Marino Marini, painter and sculptor

DSC04256 MI Museo900 FontanaVistaPzzaDuomo RX8j TT 1

The nice view on Piazza del Duomo and the Lucio Fontana Neon Sculpture

The Duomo Museum, history of the Cathedral

Located in the Palazzo Reale building, in the heart of Piazza del Duomo, the Museo del Duomo di Milano has been recently renovated and redecorated. Its fascinating structure allows any visitor to understand the different phases of the Duomo building process and to appreciate its unique history and details. One of the 360° panoramic Images focuses on the iconic stained glass windows, one of the many signature features of the Cathedral.

DSC06267 Mi MuseoDuomo SalaViscontea RX8j TT

The Visconti’s Room featuring the Image of God and gothic sculptures

DSC06312 MI MuseoDuomo Vetrate RX8j TT

The “Sala delle Vetrate” presenting examples of the 55 stained glass windows

The Art Gallery “Le Gallerie d’Italia – Piazza Scala”

The Art Gallery Gallerie d’Italia – Piazza Scala is a substantial part of the Museums and Cultural Venues Network managed by Intesa Sanpaolo that allows the general public to enjoy and access the art collections owned by the Bank. The museum, set up in three important historical buildings, overlooks Piazza della Scala. It hosts several items, mostly Italian art from the late Eighteenth Century, that are beautifully displayed in an amazing, high-profile context.

DSC04918 MI GallerieItalia SaloneScala RX8j TT

The magnificent Hall “La Scala” set up for the Francesco Hayez Exhibition

DSC04952 MI GallerieItalia SalaMilano RX8j TT

One of the Rooms devoted to the perspectives of Milan in 19th Century

The La Scala Opera House Museum – Musical memories

The Teatro alla Scala is one of the most important cultural institutions in Milan and one of the most famous theaters in the whole world. In 1816, the french author Stendhal wrote: “I’m leaving the La Scala Opera House. […] To me, this one is the best theater in the world, because it makes music awfully enjoyable. […] And its architecture… it’s impossible to imagine a larger, fresher, more grandiose building.” However, people often ignore that it houses a beautiful museum. We portrayed it with two 360° Photographs! It contains many memories that paint a detailed portrait of the La Scala Opera House and its musical history.

DSC06574 MI MuseoAllaScala SalaGrande RX8j TT

La Scala Opera House Museum: the great Exedra Hall

DSC06712 MI MuseoAllaScala Sala900 RX8j TT

The Room dedicated to the artists of the 20th Century

The Art Gallery “Pinacoteca Ambrosiana” – The Codex Atlanticus and much more

In the early years of the 17th Century Federico Borromeo, a famous Milanese Archbishop, founded the Biblioteca Ambrosiana and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana “to serve everyone”. The two Institutions are linked in the Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana. The Biblioteca Ambrosiana, praised by Galileo Galilei that defined it “heroic and immortal”, was one of the very first public libraries. It contains unique works, such as the Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo Da Vinci. It can be found in the Federiciana Hall (please see the 360° Photograph). The Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, instead, contains paintings by Leonardo, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Tiziano, and many other authors, all beautifully displayed in a pleasant context.

DSC08476 MI AmbrosianaBibliot SalaFedericiana RX8j TT

The great Federiciana Hall featuring the Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo Da Vinci

DSC08294 MI AmbrosianaPinacot Sala2Italiani RX8j TT

One of the Halls featuring paintings from the Italian Renaissance

DSC08936 MI AmbrosianaPinac SalaEsedra12 RX8j TT

The Exedra with large mosaic and Venetian paintings of the 16th Century

DSC09018 MI AmbrosianaPinac SalaBologna13 RX8j TT

Nicolò da Bologna’s Hall hosting Italian and Flemish paintings of 17th Century

The Museums of the Sforza Castle – Art, history and the famous Pietà Rondanini

The Sforza Castle Castello Sforzesco, an imposing military citadel built in the Fifteenth Century, is one of the most important monuments in Milan and had a crucial role in the history of the city. Despite being one of the largest castles in Europe, it is located in the city center, just a few steps from the Duomo. In its vast halls, the castle hosts several Museums that enhance its value and its attractiveness, making it a real must-see for any tourist. The Pietà Rondanini by Michelangelo is perhaps its main feature, followed closely by the Historical Halls, with their Medieval relics, the large Pinacoteca and a string of other exhibitions.

DSC06967 MI CastelloMus PietaRondanini RX8j TT

The world-famous Pietà Rondanini by Michelangelo Buonarroti

DSC07624 MI CastelloMus ArteAnticaGonfalone RX8j TT

The Ancient Art Museum: the Milan City Banner

DSC07366 MI CastelloPinacoteca Sala21LudovicoM RX4j TT

The Pinacoteca: the Ludovico il Moro Hall – from late 15th Century

DSC07535 MI CastelloPinacoteca Sala26Seicento RX4j TT

The Pinacoteca of the Castle: the Halls of 17th and 18th Century

DSC07327 MI CastelloMusMobili SalaGriselda RX4j TT

The “Camera Picta” from the 15th Century complete with the Griselda Tale

DSC07282 MI CastelloMusMobili Artelignea1200 RX4j TT

The Castle Museums: Religious wood sculptures and tapestries

The Modern Art Gallery “Galleria d’Arte Moderna” – In the heart of Villa Reale

The Gallery of Modern Art, GAM, is located in the breathtaking Villa Reale, a neoclassical masterpiece of the late Eighteenth Century enriched by an English-style garden. In this magnificent setting, many halls host a string of masterpieces by the protagonists of European Art: Hayez, Segantini, Balla, De Nittis, Boccioni, Appiani… Van Gogh, Picasso, Manet, Gauguin, Wildt … For more 360° Images see the Modern Art Gallery Galleria d’Arte Moderna in 3D

DSC03698 MI GalleriaArteModerna S17Parnaso RX8j TT

The Dining Room with the A. Appiani fresco on the ceiling: Apollo on the Parnassus

DSC03647 MI GalleriaArteModerna S12Hayez RX8j TT

The Hall of Francesco Hayez, the greatest Italian painter of the 19th Century

The new Armani/Silos Museum – An ode to aesthetics

Milan is the city of fashion. To celebrate four decades of success in the fashion universe, Giorgio Armani opened Armani/Silos Museum, that contains a wide selection of high-end clothing from the 1980s. The exhibition, divided into several sections that tell the history and aesthetics of the designer, is hosted by a rigorous, severe, dramatically simple structure. It used to be a warehouse, and has been completely renovated. Armani himself overviewed the redecorating process, and said: “I chose to call it Silos (silo) because we use them to store the grain we need to survive… And clothing is as necessary as grain” (Giorgio Armani).

DSC02875 MI ArmaniSilos P1 Spazio10 RX4jTT

Exoticism Hall: the European tradition gets an exotic touch

DSC03470 ArmaniSilos 22P2 10 M2j New LitTT

Chromatism, the magic of color: a captivating symphony

The Archaeological Museum and the magnificent San Maurizio

The Archaeological Museum where once stood the Mediolanum, the Roman Milan, with its imperial Palace, walls and circus. They’re still noticeable today, as they left behind some sizeable and significant remains. The Museum collections, with hundreds of selected pieces, are exhibited in thematic halls. Each hall hosts remains from a different culture: Greek, Etruscan, Latin, medieval … The Museum is housed in an extraordinary architectural setting: the former convent of the Monastery Maggiore San Maurizio, founded in the eighth century AD and perfected in the following centuries. The main access to the museum is located in its first cloister. Next to it, it is possible to admire the wonderful San Maurizio Church: you can also visit it thanks to our 360° Image!

1360276 MI MuseoArcheo ChiostroAccesso JX2j TT

The Archaeological Museum entrance: the medieval cloister

1340942 MI MuseoArcheo IngrPianta RX2j TT

The Museum entrance with a scale model of the Roman Milan

1330964 MI MuseoArcheo Etruschi RX2j TT

The Exhibition dedicated to the ancient Etruscan people

DSC05942 MI SMaurizioCappella TTLWlit

The wonderful San Maurizio Church located next to the Museum

The Monumental Cemetery – An Open Air Museum

An unusual Museum, the Monumental Cemetery is not in the city center, but is still located inside the city. It has been built in the 19th Century, in an eclectic and peculiar style. Entering the Monumental Cemetery is a peaceful, silent experience for the general public. In the relaxing, green avenues lie tombs, gravestones and chapels of great artistic and historical value; many of the most influent people in Milan have been buried here. The main entrance is through the large central structure, that hosts the Famedio, a true Temple of Fame. Here many great Italians have been laid to rest or remembered: Alessandro Manzoni, Carlo Cattaneo, Arturo Toscanini…

DSC00269 MI CimiteroMonum VialiIngresso RX4j TT

Inside view of the main entrance and the Monumental Cemetery avenues

DSC09975 MI CimiteroMonum FamedioInt RX4j TT

The Hall of Fame “Famedio” and the Alessandro Manzoni Tomb

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