Veduta aerea di Milano dalla Torre Branca

Milan in 360°: a virtual tour of the city

Milan is an Italian and international city, placed nearly in the center of Europe.

Milan is rich in history yet modern, frenetic and a place of important economic and cultural activity and events and it is now experiencing great change

Milan, well-structured and multifaceted: open to encounters for tourism and for work, maybe for only a few hours, but rich in secrets to discover even after years of living there.

Here we dedicate a few pages of our 360° photographs to Milan:


  • It is easy to see the 360° Photographs, simply click on the image miniature (thumb).


Milan in 360°: the Museums

The Milan Museums, both public and private, contain a large variety of stunning pieces, with great artistic and historical importance.
Some Milanese Museums can be found in the center, while others are scattered elsewhere, in a urban milieu mixing modernity and history. Starting from the city center, here is a selection of the Museums we chose to shoot with 360° Photographs.

MILAN 360: The Museums

Milan in 360°: the Churches

Milan’s Cathedral, the Duomo, is the true heart of the city, along with its vast Square, Piazza del Duomo. However Milan, that in the 4th Century was an “imperial center”, hosts many other churches and basilicas. Most of them are very close to the Duomo. A selection of ancient and important religious buildings can be found in our 360° Images.
MILAN 360: the Churches

Milan in 360°: the city’s Squares

In Milan the city Squares have an important role and the ones not far from the city center are particularly interesting. These 360° Images present diverse squares that are representative of the city, some right in the center and quite famous, others less well known yet still worth seeing, at least virtually.
MILAN 360: the Squares