Virtual Tour of the Basilica of Saint Ambrose


The Basilica of Saint Ambrose is one of the oldest in Milan and the second in importance after the Duomo. First built in the 4th century by order of Ambrose, the bishop of Milan, it was then enlarged various times over the centuries and took its present form in the end of the 11th century.

The church, with its fascinating and unique architecture is one the most popular tourist sights in the city, for religious reasons as well as for historic-artistic tourism. Even so, the church’s website didn’t have photographic documentation available that could present it adequately. Considering the variety and importance of the spaces present, it was decided with the Parish to realize numerous 360˚ Images which would show theese aspects as a whole, as well as specific areas.

  • The Church
  • The Crypt ant The Chapels
  • The Sacello and The Museum

Following are some 360˚ Photographs; all the Images of the Project can be seen on the website The Basilica of Saint Ambrose.

  • It is easy to see the 360° Photographs, simply click on the image miniature (thumb).

The Basilica

The basilica is made up of three naves with very simple decorations, but with very strong light that highlights, along with the ribbed vaults, the framework of the structure. The 360˚ Image of the central nave was taken from a raised position to get a better overall view. Behind and below the precious altar there is a crypt which holds the bodies of Saint Ambrose, Saint Gervaso and Saint Protaso.

1090860 MI SAmbrogio AtrioSera T1

La facciata, i due campanili e il quadriportico detto Atrio di Ansperto

MI sAmbrogio Navata Centrale

La Navata Principale: vista centrale dall’alto

MI s Ambrogio Altare Ciborio

L’Altare di Vuolvinio e il Ciborio di Angilberto II

1080213b MI SAmbrogio CoroMosaico Retro T

L’abside con il Coro e il mosaico del Cristo Pantocratore

The Crypt and The Chapels

The Cathedral is enriched with many complimentary structures.

  • The Hypogeum Crypt, placed under the altar, with the bodies of the Saints Ambrose, Gervaso and Protaso
  • Various Chapels from different eras and styles, two which are shown below in 360° Photographs
  • The side entrance with the painting of Saint Ambrose halting the Emperor Theodosius

La Cripta ipogea con i resti di Sant’Ambrogio


Cappella della Madonna dell’Aiuto – XVI secolo


Cappella di San Giorgio con affreschi di Bernardino Lanino

MI sAmbrogio Ingresso Procaccini

Ingresso laterale con Dipinto di Sant’Ambrogio che ferma Teodosio

The Sacello and The Museum

Connected to the main structure there are other areas that have been represented in a virtual visit:

  • The Sacello of Saint Victor in the Golden Sky, a splendid and well-known paleochristian mosaic.
  • The little Basilica Museum which holds many interesting findings

Milano Basilica Ambrogio Sacello

Sacello di San Vittore in ciel d’oro

MI-SAmbrogio-Museo Ostensorio

Museo della Basilica: l’Ostensorio