The City Museums of Cremona in 360˚ Images  


The Cremona Museum project was created for the purpose of promoting and highlighting the patrimony of museums in the City of Cremona through the use of 360˚ Images. The Museum System in Cremona is composed of four main museums:

  • The Ponzone Picture Gallery
  • The Museum of Archeology
  • The Cambonino Museum of Farming Culture
  • The Museum of Natural History

The Museum System has a website, in Italian and in English, that illustrates the museums and the various initiatives and events that are happening. The Project brought about the creation of around thirty 360˚ Images: they give an ample sampling of each museum on the specific museum websites as well as on the overall website.

Following are only some images that represent the Cremona Museum Project 360˚ that was created. In order to see all of the images and to examine them further we send you to The Museums of Cremonaand to the specific link for the single museums.

  • It is easy to see the 360° Photographs, simply click on the image miniature (thumb).

Ala Ponzone Picture Gallery

Modern and spacious, this gallery has important paintings ranging from the 1200s to the 1900s, in addition to furnishings and sculptures. Link to Ala Ponzone Gallery

Cremona Museo Ala Ponzone Sala Rizzi

Rizzi Sculpture in 20th Century Section

Cremona Museo Ala Ponzone Scalone

Main Staircase of Affaitati Palace, Ala Ponzone Gallery

Cremona Museo Ala Ponzone Mostra Stradivari

Ala Ponzone Gallery: Columns’ Room with Stradivari Exhibition

Cremona Museo Ala Ponzone Novecento

One of Ala Ponzone’s sections dedicated to 20th Century Art

Museum of Archeology

Well placed within the beautiful setting of the Basilica of Saint Lawrence this museum presents interesting findings, mosaics, artifacts and shows an excavation. Link to the Museum of Archeology

Cremona Museo Archeologico Absidi

Archaeological excavations in Basilica’s Museum

Cremona Museo Archeologico Ninfeo

Nymphaeum and other findings

Cambonino Museum of Farming Culture

The Old Cambonino farmhouse is set up as it was “once upon a time” to demonstrate the living and working spaces in a classic farm of the Padana Plains. Link to the Museum of Farming Culture

Cremona Museo Cambonino Cucina

The reconstruction of a farmer’s kitchen

Cremona Museo Cambonino Stalla

The Old Barn in Cambonino Museum – FarmHouse

Museum of Natural history

In addition to well-planned exhibit tied to the territory, the museum presents an important collection of naturalistic findings. Link to the Museum of Natural History

Cremona Museo Storia Naturale Territorio

History and Nature of Cremona Territory

Cremona Museo Scienze Naturali Storica

Historical Hall of the Science Museum