St Pope John XXIII in Sotto il Monte, Bergamo


Among the personalities that most influenced the 1900s and therefore the present times, Pope John XXIII of humble origins stands out, and not only for religious reasons. What is well-noted about the “good” Pope, as he is defined by many, is his attachment to his peasant origins and his birth land: Sotto il Monte (in the province of Bergamo) some tens of miles from Milan.

The Project ”Pope John XXIII: Memories in 360˚” was realized with P.I.M.E., the Missionary Institute that received the donation and the management of the Birth Home of the Pope in Sotto il Monte. The 360˚ Images inserted within the website have the purpose of allowing devoted followers all over the world to take a virtual tour of some of the places connected to the Pope’s memory.

  • The home where he was born and spent his childhood
  • The mementos that he gathered during his lifetime and which are present in the House of Ca’ Maitino

Following are some of the 360˚ Photographs relative to the Project. To see all of the images from the Project created in Sotto il Monte go to the website Pope John XXIIIand click on the specific links in the “360° PHOTOS” Menu on the left of the page. Choose the most suitable language.

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The Birth Home

The future Pope, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, was the fourth born of 13 children in Sotto il Monte. He lived in this poor peasant home until he was 12, when his family moved and he entered the Seminary in Bergamo.
Link The Birth Home

Bergamo Papa Giovanni Casa Natale Camera

Bedroom of the Roncalli Parents where Pope John XXIII was born

Bergamo Sotto il Monte Papa Giovanni Casa Natale

Court of the Birth House of Pope John XXIII in Sotto il Monte

The House of Ca’ Maitino

Bishop and later Cardinal Rancalli spent his vacation every year in this house. That is why, over the years, it has become the true home of the future Pope, where his secretary, Monsignor Loris Capovilla, who lives there still, has gathered numerous mementos and belongings of the Pope.
Link to the House of Ca’ Maitino

Bergamo Papa Giovanni Ca Maitino Esterno

House of Ca’ Maitino in Sotto il Monte, Bergamo

Bergamo Papa Giovanni Ca Maitino Cappella

The Little Chapel of Pope John XXIII in Ca’ Maitino

Bergamo Papa Giovanni Ca Maitino Camera

Pope John XXIII’s Bedroom in Ca’ Maitino

Bergamo Papa Giovanni Ca Maitino Studio

Pope John XXIII’s Study Room