The Locations of Bergamo Science Festival in 360˚


Bergamo Science is a festival of scientific journalism that is held every year in the month of October and involves a large part of the city of Bergamo and other places.

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The goal is to bring science “to the streets” and make it usable, at no cost, especially to youth and in the schools. The event is continuously growing in audience and in importance and is enhanced by 10 conferences held by Italian and international speakers: Nobel Prize Winners, and high profile scientists and researchers. And then…hundreds of events, exhibits, laboratories and shows, all distributed over ten venues in the city and neighboring towns.

The 360°Images are aimed at allowing a virtual tour of the main locations of the festival and to present the important events and activities. Following are only a few of the 360° Images created over the last two years of the event. To see all of the images published and to delve deeper we send you back to the website BergamoScienza.

Bergamo Scienza 2014

Also in 2014 the Event proved successful reguarding participation and attention, with over 150,000 attending. Conferences (also in streaming), laboratories, open days, exhibits and shows with international hosts for a total of 180 events brought the city, industries, schools, and neighboring areas to life for 17 days. The important guests/speakers were numerous as always. Among the many scientists and world famous protagonists we mention the two Nobel Prize Winners for Science Sidney Brenner and Michael S. Brown, the scientists Roberto Cingolani director of the Italian Institute of Technology of Genova, “L’Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia di Genova” and the astronaut Luca Parmitano.

DSC09761 BG SC14 PiazzaLibertaBalena T

Liberty Square, Piazza Libertà, with the Whale, symbol of the Theme “SEA”

DSC01001 BG SC14 ParmitanoDalmine QuesTime T

Italian Astronaut Luca Parmitano tells about his experience in space

DSC00778 BG SC14 TeatroS NobelBrown1 T

Nobel Prize for Medicine Michael S. Brown and his research on cholesterol

DSC00230 BG SC14 LiceoClassSarpi CollezStrumenti T

Collection of antique physics instruments at the Liceo Classico Sarpi

DSC09861 BG SC14 CrebergHall TT1

Entrance Hall of Credito Bergamasco Bank with a painting Exhibit

DSC00376 BG SC14 SchneiderEl XperienceLab T

Presentation of research activites at Schneider Electric’s Experience Lab

Bergamo Scienza 2013

The 2013 edition observed the great success of an audience of over 150,000 present. In the course of the event 69 conferences were held, over a hundred laboratories, shows and exhibits. There were 145 internationally famous speakers: the three Nobel Prize Winners Claude-Cohen Tannoudji, Frank Wilczek, Jack W. Szostack and, among many other illustrious scientists, the Italian researcher Fabiola Gianotti head of the team at CERN that confirmed the existence of Higgs’ Boson. It is worth pointing out the exhibit of the sculptor Piero Cattaneo distributed among various locations thoughout the city.

1240718 BG SC13 PiazzaLibert1

Liberty Square, “Piazza della Libertà” – Info Point and Laboratories

1250433 BG SC13 Italcementi ILab Ingress

i.LAB: Research and Innovation Center of the Italcementi Group

1260480 BG SC13 TeatroDonizetti Nobel Wilczek Palco

The Nobel Prize Winner Frank Wilczek at Gaetano Donizetti Theater

1250169 BG SC13 TeaSociale Gianott

Fabiola Gianotti, Director-General of Geneva CERN, and Higgs Boson discovery

1240405 BG SC13 Cattaneo Bernaregg2

Sculpture by Piero Cattaneo at the Adriano Bernareggi Foundation

1240876 BG SC13 Cattaneo PalProvincia Scultur

Sculpture by Piero Cattaneo at the Bergamo Province Palace

Bergamo Scienza 2012

The event in 2012 saw the participation of 120,000 in attendance. The edition was brought to life by 142 speakers, including 3 winners of the Nobel Prize for Science, Linda Buck, Bruce Beutler, James D. Watson, the Pulitzer Prize winner Deborah Blum, the scientist Ian Wilmut who cloned Dolly the sheep, the inventor of microcomputing Federico Faggin, and many more

DSC06001 MI DuomoTerrazzaVsSud RX8j TTWlit

The southern side of the Duomo’s Terraces, facing the Royal Palace

Bergamo Scienza Biblioteca Mai Globo Coronelli

The Globe by Vincenzo Coronelli in the Angelo Mai Library in Piazza Vecchia

Bergamo Scienza Credito Bergamasco Restauro Allori

Last Supper by A. Allori in the Board Room of Credito Bergamasco

Bergamo Scienza Maddalena Atomo

Exhibit of the Atom in ex Church of Magdalene, “Chiesa della Maddalena”

Bergamo Scienza Piazza Vecchia Aliante

A real glider in Piazza Vecchia in Bergamo Alta

Bergamo Scienza Brembate Sopra Torre Sole

The Astronomic Observatory Sun Tower, Torre del Sole, in Brembate Sopra