Milan in 360°: The squares in the City Center


In Milan The squares act as intersections and meeting places. Of particular interest are most of all the ones near the city center. Many were created in the last two centuries of the past millennium, but a good number of them have roots in medieval city planning or even roman times.

  • Piazza Duomo and adjacent squares
  • Squares a few steps from the Duomo
  • Squares in the Center of Milan

The new urban development in Milano has created other quite interesting squares, like Gae Aulenti Square “Piazza Gae Aulenti”, and some of these can be seen on the page dedicated to Milan 360°: New Architecture and Skyscrapers.

The 360°Images that follow present – without claiming to be complete – some of the most representative squares in the city, taken at a time when traffic and parked cars would be less invasive. Normally you would find them more crowded.

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The Center of Milan: The Duomo and the adjacent squares

Four 360° Images to present the true Center of Milan. First of all Duomo Square, “Piazza Duomo” with its impressive gothic cathedral, from two viewpoints: from the front on a Christmas night and from the side with the Royal Palace “Palazzo Reale” and Square of Arengario Palazzo dall’Arengario with the Museo del Novecento. A few meters aways you can find Piazza della Scala with the famous Theatre, the Statue of Leonardo da Vinci and Palazzo Marino, location of the City Hall. A short distance away we find the city’s past in the charming, tucked away Piazza Mercanti with the medieval Palazzo della Ragione, also called Broletto.


Duomo Square “Piazza Duomo” at night with Christmas lights

DSC05135 MI PzaRealeDuomoLato RX4j T

Royal Square with the Palazzo Reale, the side of Duomo and the Museum of ‘900

DSC05176 MI PzaScalaGiorno RX4Rj T

Scala Square with the famous Theater, Marino Palace, Statue of Leonardo da Vinci

DSC04101 MI PzaBrolettoPozzoCent RX4Rj T

Merchant Square with the medieval administrative Palace of Reason, “Broletto”

Squares a few steps from the Duomo

It takes only a few minutes on foot to reach the squares of the center of Milan that even the most hurried tourist shouldn’t miss. One little gem is Piazza san Fedele with the monument to Alessandro Manzoni, whose house is in Piazza Belgioioso not far away. And then Piazza degli Affari, location of the Borsa di Milano (Milan’s stock market), and Piazza Cairoli from which you can enter the Castello Sforzesco. In the opposite direction leaving the Duomo, on either side of Corso Vittorio Emanuele and before reaching the famous Piazza San Babila, you can see spaces where different styles of architecture are expressed: Piazza Media, Piazza del Liberty, and Piazza Beccaria.

1210106 MI PzaSanFedeleManzoni T

St Fedele Square: the Church and Monument to the famous novelist Alessandro Manzoni

1210025 MI PzaBelgioiosoManzoni T

Belgioioso Square with the house where the Italian novelist Alessandro Manzoni lived

DSC04046 MI PzaAffariCattelan RX4Rj T

Business Square, “Piazza Affari” with the Milan Stock Market in Mezzanotte Palace

DSC04592 MI PzaCairoli CGaribaldi RX4Rj T

Cairoli Square: between Duomo Square and the Sforza Castle, “Castello Sforzesco”

DSC05220 MI PzaMedaDisco RX4Rj T

The modern Meda Square with the Disk by Arnaldo Pomodoro in the center

DSC04161 MI PzaBeccaria RX4Rj T

Beccaria Sq, named after a famous jurist, with 16th century Captain of Justice Palace

DSC04128 MI PzaLibertyFerrari RX4Rj T

Liberty Square is one of the most interesting examples of Art Nouveau in Milan

DSC05260 MI PzaSanBabila RX4Rj T

St Babila Square with its homonymous church is a focal point of the City Center

The Squares of the Historical Center of Milan

Still in proximity of the city center there are various interesting squares. It takes a bit longer to get to them but they offer a perspective of this city and of its urban development. Two are famous to tourists like Saint Mary of the Graces Square, “Piazza Santa Maria delle Grazie”, where you can find The Last Supper, “il Cenacolo” by Leonardo da Vinci and the well-known church, and Sempione Square, “Piazza Sempione” with the Napoleonic Arch of Peace, Arco della Pace. Others are important traffic intersections like April 25th Square, “Piazza XXV Aprile” and Cadorna Square, “Piazza Cadorna”, with a recent colorful Needle and Thread, “Ago e Filo sculpture”. And at last a couple of areas that are little known yet worth … a virtual tour in 360°.

P1150622 MI PzaSempioneArcoPace RX0j T

Sempione Square with the Peace Arch. At a distance the Sforza Castle

DSC04759 PzaSMariaDGrazie Cenacolo RX4j T

St. Mary of the Graces Square with the entrance to Da Vinci’s Last Supper

DSC04516 MI PzleCadorna RX4j T

Cadorna Square redesigned by Gae Aulenti with the sculpture “Needle, Thread and Knot”

1210364 MI Pza25AprilePtaGaribaldi T

April 25th Square which opens to Garibaldi Gate and ancient customs offices

P1140129 MI CrossCusani ManifEmpArmani RX0j TT

Intersection of Cusani St with a giant advertisement of a famous fashion Designer

DSC05371 MI PzaDuse RX4Rj T

The small Eleonora Duse Square rich with elegant period buildings

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