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360° Virtual Tours and Sightseeing Projects

Here are some 360˚ Projects that we have created and that are currently being used by our customers on their websites to present and promote places and initiatives.

  • It is easy to see the 360° Photographs, simply click on the image miniature (thumb).

360˚ Images and Virtual Tours find the ideal placement within a communication strategy which is expected to have a strong impact on the Internet.

These projects are articulated presentations of places, settings and situations which allow Virtual Tours from various points of view. Some of the most significant 360˚ Images are shown on the specific pages.

We remind you that for a truly compete utilization and for a greater effectiveness all of the images and Virtual tours in 360˚ are available on PC/Notebooks as well as on the latest generation of Tablets and Smartphones.

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Cremona: City Museums

  • Cremona Museo Ala Ponzone Malosso

The Cremona City Museums 360˚ Project was conceived with the City Administration to valorize the city museums on the website using 360˚ Images. The project is organized in thirty Virtual tours which give a well-rounded summary of the city’s patrimony and are a strong invitation to organize real tours..
Project Cremona: City Museums

Pope John XXIII: memories

  • Bergamo Sotto il Monte Papa Giovanni Casa Natale

Pope John XXIII is the Pope who came from humble origins. This project was realized with the P.I.M.E, the institute that manages his Birth Home in Sotto il Monte in Bergamo. Thanks to the Internet and 360˚ Images devoted followers from all over the world can virtually tour the places that are tied to his memory.
Project Pope John XXIII: memories

Milan: Saint Ambrogio’s Church

  • Milano Basilica Ambrogio Atrio Ansperto

The roman church of Saint Ambrogio is the second most important church in Milan, with a great flow of artistic and religious tourism. In order to best represent
this patrimony it was decided with the parish to create a 360˚ Virtual Tour to show the structure as a whole as well as specific areas of interest.

Project Milan: St Ambrogio Church

Bergamo Science 2014

  • Bergamo Scienza Teatro Sociale Faggin

Bergamo Science is a scientific event that registered a turnout of 150,000 participants in 2014. The various 360˚ Images created during the course of the disclosure allow a Virtual Tour of the main locations of the festival and a summary of the more significant activities.
Project Bergamo Science