Milan 360°: Churches and Basilicas in the City Center

The world famous Duomo aside, Milan is full of ancient and important Churches and Basilicas. In the 4th Century the famous bishop Ambrogio, to whom the most ancient Basilica in Milan is dedicated, transformed the city in the heart of the Western Catholic Church. Since then, many religious buildings have been built in Milan …

Milan’s Cathedral, the Duomo, is the true heart of the city, along with its vast Square, Piazza del Duomo. However, Milan, that once was the “imperial center”, hosts many other churches and basilicas. Most of them are very close to the Duomo. We shot 360 Images of quite a lot of them, but our list is far from being complete. Please find below a selection of the religious buildings that you’ll find in our panoramic photos:


Many of the 360° Images shot in the Milanese Churches and in other important locations of the City can be found in the website  Turismo Milano especially in the section MILANO 360°

IMPORTANT: We thank the Milan Municipality, our official partner for many of such 360°Images, and each Church for the priceless support and kindness. They often granted us to shoot exclusive locations. We hope that these 360° Photographs will show you the beauty of such masterpieces and allow you to appreciate them in detail!

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The Duomo: the Heart and the Greatness of Milan

The Duomo is the one and only true symbol of the city. It is widely known as one of the most important monuments in Italy and it is the third largest catholic Church in the world. The Duomo foundations were built in 1387, over the remains of an old church. It took over 400 years to build the Cathedral, an amazingly complex and fascinating structure. The church is 108 mt tall and 158 mt long and it can boast some more impressive numbers: 52 internal columns, 136 steeples and 3400 statues! The construction and now the maintenance of this masterpiece have been in the hands of the “Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo Foundation” for the past 600 years. You’ll find more 360° Images shot by us and many useful information on its website Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo.

DSC06001 MI DuomoTerrazzaVsSud RX8j TTWlit

The southern side of the Duomo’s Terraces, facing the Royal Palace

DSC06043 MI DuomoTerrazzaVsNord RX8j TTWlit

The northern side of the Duomo’s Terraces, facing new districts with skyscrapers

DSC05600 MI Duomo InternoAltare RX32.16j TTWlit

The Duomo: overall view of the Cathedral and the Altar

DSC09862 MI DuomoVistaAlto DaPulpito RX8j TTWlit

The Duomo: aerial view of the majestic Cathedral from the Pulpit

DSC05470 MI DuomoInternoCripta RX4j TTWlit

The Duomo: the wonderful “Iemale” Chapel, used mainly in the winter season

DSC00447 MI PzaDuomoAlba RX4j TTWlit

Duomo and its vast Square with the Galleria and the Novecento Museum at dawn

The Basilica of St Ambrose: the favorite Church of the Milanese citizens

The Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio, St Ambrose, is one of the most ancient churches in Milan and it is the second one in importance, right after the Duomo. It was first built at the end of the 4th Century under the will of Bishop Ambrogio; it was finished in the late 11th Century. After passing the Atrio of Ansperto you access the Basilica. Its three aisles are modestly decorated, but very well lit and the natural light enhances the magnificent architecture of the building. The Vuolvinio Altar is perhaps the richest piece of art in the Sant’Ambrogio Basilica; over it an impressive ciborium from the 9th Century can be found. Below you’ll find two 360° Images: one was shot in the atrium, and the other one from above. To see more 360° Photographs we shot in this church, please see the Project Milano – Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio.

P1090860 MI SAmbrogio PronaoSera RX0jTTWlit

The Basilica of St Ambrose: the Atrium of Ansperto and the Facade at evening

DSC02414 MI SAmbrogio InternoAlto RX8j TTWlit

The Basilica of St Ambrose: the Romanesque interior and the matroneum

Santa Maria delle Grazie: the Church of the Milanese Renaissance

The Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Holy Mary of Graces, and its famous Cenacolo, Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first monuments to join the UNESCO World Heritage list. Built under the will of the influential Sforza Dynasty in the heart of the 15th Century, it used to be part of a Dominican Monastery and was meant to be the final resting place for the family members. At the end of the century, to keep up with the new Renaissance wave, the cupola and the gallery were rebuilt from scratch by Bramante. The colorful frescoes on the ceiling and the walls set up a very pleasant contrast with the austerity of the galleries.

DSC04759 PzSMariaGraz Cenacolo RX4jMW TTWlit

Square of St Maria delle Grazie and entrance to the Cenacolo Vinciano

DSC06087 MI SMariaGrazie NavataCentrale RX8j TTWlit

Holy Mary of Graces: the beautiful nave in its Renaissance style

DSC06129 MI SMariaGrazie AltareCentrale RX8j TTWlit

Santa Maria delle Grazie: general view with the beautiful cupola

DSC06171 MI SMariaGrazie AbsideCoro RX8j TTWlit

Santa Maria delle Grazie: the chorus and the gallery from late 15th Century

The San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore Church: a Milanese jewel

Located just a few steps from Santa Maria delle Grazie, the magnificent Church of San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore is considered Milan’s “Sistine Chapel” for its astounding frescoes. Built in 6th Century over the ruins of an ancient Paleochristian Basilica, it was part of an important nunnery that was closed during the Napoleon time. It now hosts the Archaeological Museum (see Milano 360 – Sezione Musei). The church is divided into two areas: the Aula dei Fedeli, Hall of Believers, and the Aula delle Monache, Hall of Nuns. The latter contains an amazing pipe organ from 1554, that used to be available exclusively to the nuns. All the walls and the Chapels are wonderfully decorated with frescoes by artists of the Leonardo’s School; many of them have been painted by a famous painter from Lombardy, Bernardino Luini. It is a true must-see.

DSC05942 MI SMaurizioCappella TTLWlit

St Maurizio at Monastry: the magnificent Hall of the Faithful, “Aula dei Fedeli”

DSC06302 MI SMaurizioCoro RX28j TTLWlit

St Maurizio at Monastry: the splendid Hall of Nuns and the 16th Century’s organ

Other Churches in the Milan City Center

The Milan city center if full of interesting churches and basilicas; these are just a few of them. Let’s start with a church connected to the Biblioteca Ambrosiana (see Milano 360 – Sezione Musei): it’s the San Sepolcro Church, built in the late 16th Century under the will of St. Carlo Borromeo. It’s a very bright Baroque church, with two beautiful sculptures and a fascinating crypt that contains a Holy Sepulchre statue. The San Bernardino alle Ossa Church is way more macabre; one of its chapels contains an ossuary that hosts human bones since the 17th Century. Let’s move to the Sant’Eustorgio Basilica, that is a very interesting building for its several chapels and the paleochristian remains. Our journey ends with San Lorenzo Maggiore, the most ancient Basilica in Milan and perhaps the most popular one among the youngsters: its square, that contains several Roman columns, is a popular nighttime refuge for thousands of young boys and girls.

DSC08433 MI Ambrosiana ChiesaSSepolcro RX4j TTWlit

Church of Holy Sepulchre: the church and its baroque statues

DSC09066 MI Ambrosiana SanSepolcroCripta RX4j TTWlit

The Crypt of San Sepolcro: St Carlo Borromeo and the Holy Sepulchre

DSC08533 MI SBernardinoAlleOssa Ossario RX4j TTWlit 1

The “San Bernardino alle Ossa” Ossuary in the Chapel of the 16th Century

P1100999 MI SEustorgio Navata RX0j TTWlit

The ancient Basilica of St Eustorgius with the three naves

P1110127 MI SEustorgio CappAngeli RX0j TTWlit

The St Eustorgius Basilica: the Cappellina of Angels with paleochristian remains

2 P1110071 MI SEustorgio CappTorelli RX0j TTWlit

The St Eustorgius Basilica: the Torelli Chapel and the elegant gothic sarcophagus

DSC04432 MI BasilSanLorenzo Centrale RX8j TTWlit

The ancient Basilica of St Lorenzo Maggiore: the interior in Octagonal Shape

DSC01107 MI SanLorenzoColonne RX4j TTWnlit

The Square in front of the Basilica of St Lorenzo with its Roman Columns

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